Friday, December 11, 2009

Glytics - Chiseled look Rock Gallery

Chiseled look RockSince our inception, as a fondateur of PSD Holic - we really wanted to dedicate all that came out from this blog give a real benefit to our visitors. You!

Take a look at the image I've created with this tut at downloadable copies of this stone mason's chisel (tarred street actually at Monas area) and every tutorial here in PSD Holic. I am going to assume that you have the basic knowledge of Photoshop and its menus etc.

Can we do this? Exactly, can! There's no need a hammer, nail, edible fern or something like that bla bla bla, all you gotta do is just activate your Photoshop, use your own image source and She will do the rest for y'all.

Just like I said, I enclose all you need in PDF file format you can download at
our FCDB in simple PDF. Remember about (Leopard Skin/water DIPLACEMENT MAP)???

Note : You guys always feel in the dark, a very confused when it comes to displacement maps. Just relax friend, take it easy. It is like taking a piece of cloth and wrap it around the object/image. Cain became textures patterns (eg. carbon fiber) and the object/image is your map (street). Obviously you need to experiment with your own settings in this.

As you can see, this lesson is adopted from the real source here at ...gosh... I forgot. This friend of mine gave me this PDF file and he wanted me to translate this into BAHASA, so, I decided to make it two version and publish it here. Again and again, I always say this to you.. it's OK if the result of your work don't look symmetrical, your work become a mess or whatever it turns, as that looks more natural and more be you.

Chiseled look Rock Gallery

Becoming this

Chiseled look Rock Gallery

It’s so darn easy, simple, and quick. When I 1st saw the finished artwork I thought this will be one of those long tuts. but I guessed wrong and it extremely made my day.

So there you have it! One Chiseled look Rock. I hope this tutorial will help you further your Photoshop skills. It is not just about getting some information on how to manipulate something becoming another thing from these tutorials I made.

This is the image that inspiring me to write the tut in Bahasa...

Chiseled look Rock Gallery

Voila, you can absolutely send any information written here to your best friend or you lovely family as well. Find about all PSD or PDF Source file downloadable here. Last but not least, don't worry if the tricks you learnt here are all bad and didn't have sense of art at all.

Notice this : PSD Holic will cooperatively and proudly work with you to present your small or big business to the world the way you see it.

Visit Chiseled look Rock tutorial in Bahasa (PDF Downloadable source) here!


  1. As a personal opinion on whether there are too many of a certain kinda tut, have you though maybe that’s all the site could get right now? It’s a great tut.

    If you don’t like it, just wait for the next tut. If you want them to get other tuts, then CONTACT the site owners and express your opinion to them. Or maybe
    better yet, create your own tut and earn a $1500 or something? :P

  2. salam friend
    nice post
    I like picture in your article.
    I know Glytics-Chiseled look Rock Gallery,,zoz read our article.

    trims atas kunjungan dan doanya ya,,

  3. Produktif Mas Gen, mantap dan salut selalu saya sama hasil karyanya. Apakah ini menjadi core business Mas Gen saat ini ya ?
    Salam :)

  4. yeah,,,i thing thats sotoshop...btw ...excellent picture

  5. seperti biasanya, Mas Gen..
    mengagumkan..monas seperti berada pada jaman prasejarah
    kalo dilihat dari sisi kiri
    tapi karena ada barisan mobil,
    rasanya jadi berada di jakarta yang lain :)
    feel nya dapet

  6. terimakasii iia buat semua yang uda ngeluangin waktunya mampir ke tempat saiia ini :)

  7. salut broo..ajib juga tuh modifnya...


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