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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire
This month is a month when many peoples around the globe celebrates Christmas, that’s why we share some really beautiful result of image editing here at PSD Holic.

Sorry for taking some time to work at this but I must say ..WOW ..WOW ..WOW.. How can I miss this for so long! This is a well worth tutorial for everyone to get their hands on experience. Sick effect! I created a similar effect using a few different steps on by Jayan Saputra. Thank you for sharing this my friend!

Here is what He created there... (but ofcourse this one is the one I explore more and more...).

Fight Fire with Fire

So there you have it! Fight Fire with Fire thing! I hope this is another PSD tutorial again I wrote, but.. lol I'm kinda tired or something, so.. with this sample of Creating Fire and the amazing
Hell Fire - Remembering I wrote earlier has helped you further your Photoshop skills. I also hope it was a worthwhile read because a lot of blood sweat and tears went into creating the picture and the tutorial!!

Fight Fire with Fire

As a personal opinion that there are so many of a certain kinda tut you can find in i-net. This is great. If you do not like, just waiting for the future tut here. If you want to get another Tuts, then contact the owner of the site (which is my self as well, lol) and express your damn opinions on me. Or maybe, better yet, make your own tut here (submit it here) and make $ 1500 or something? : P haha.. kidding.. :p Awesome Indeed!!! I think we all did a great job, sure.

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire

I hope you had fun creating something nuts. Hey, this use to show off my impressive portfolio now, can I?!?!


nice effect,.......but what plugin is needed ?

@ bang IR : there's no need any plug-ins at all to get this kinda effect...
in fact, I don't know nothing about what all photoshopper called plug-ins...
shame on me :(

woooowwwww, melongo lagi dan lagi....

hmmm...!! really intresting...!!!
thanks for sharing... ^^

@ buwel : wahhh abang buw... akhirnya muncul juga... huehehehehe...
kelaman bang bertapa nya :)
@ mizan : thnx for comin' as weel with your nice words there :)

Thank you for your visit and merry christmas.

keren bro dan thanks kunjungannya (mmaf baru OL lagi)

I have so long time do not coming here, how are you Genial, btw you always making nice post.

Jempol ke atas bro... postingannya keren abiz... me gusta mucho!
BTW, sori telat... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010

merinding liat sample na...

kenepa mesti merinding?!?!?!

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