Monday, December 28, 2009

Win a Google Nexus One!

There are so many sites that we can use to generate some bucks from the internet. Just like I've described earlier, is a great program like google adsense. You'll get a commission every time a user clicks on the link on your ads. They insert ads into your posts.

Installing the code/script from into your blog is so easy, just put the code into your Edit HTML section on your blog, then their system will automatically generate and display ads that are relevant to the content of your blog. That's what you can call Contextual ads.

If your blog is about technology and stuffs related to it, then the ads appear for example about Nexus One. It’s been hot topic on the internet for weeks on end. Every phone geek wishes and the day is almost here. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Messiah, lol. The official street name is Nexus One. And so.. and so.. and so.. Should have waited for the Nexus Two? lmao...

Have I mentioned here that you can get that Nexus if you join them now?

Shortcomings, the loading of your page will be a little overwhelmed and your visitors will probably feel a little uncomfortable, because it interrupted by ads that appear when the mouse cursor over the ad link. But I need to remind you again that there is no ad links on all of the text or article, just a few links from the text/article that includes an ad link from

Overall, because this program is similar to google adsense, this PPC ads is highly recommended if you have a blog in english.


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