Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Metformin for Weight Loss

You may be overweight because your body is too much insulin, especially if you save a lot of fat in your beauty belly. When you eat, your blood sugar level becomes high. Insulin like it can make you put on weight, which then you become fat. Doods.. with that condition, I'm affraid that you guys will easily get diabetes.

Metformin Weight Loss is one of the most common drug for purposes of your anti-diabetic drug. Usually prescribed by doctors for people with diabetes type 2 and sometimes also against people with prediabetes or Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT). Please don't be confuse, because this information would be very useful for all of your healthy life.

As with any kinda medicine, there are possibilities of metformin side effects can be found, but not all people who take metformin will experience side effects. In fact, most people can tolerate the drug well. When side effects actually occur, in many cases they don't require treatment or can easily be treated by your own self or your doctor.

Unfortunately, there is no way for your doctor to know beforehand if you have side effects from using a drug that you've never tried before or not. Therefore, make sure your health care provider to know this, so he knows well if you're in the right way and he can diagnose and treat the problems you experienced.


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