Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hunting Some Bucks with

Blog advertisingThere's more and more choices now for bloggers to generate dollars online. It's an interesting programs to collect some bucks from the

To be honest I had also enrolled in this program on the grounds looking for new opportunities to make money from paid to review program. Before joining this program, I actually do some intense research into several blogs about the validity of this legitimate surveys itself. After seeing a lot of fresh air exhaled by a peer to peer bloggers I finally decided to join with great hope of adding my pocket some easy money from the Internet.

After reading directly from their website about the payment terms, I think it's interesting to try as well. Great luck in my hands. Who knows.

You just need to write about and advertise by placing links or banners. In addition to getting a bonus when signing up, you can easily get paid for online surveys and recieve $50 bonus for every new user who sign up through you as well, that the best thing you can get from joining them. After that, you just have to wait for advertiser who is interested in displaying their products on your website, just like other paid to review program you know. This is one of the interesting distinguishes things from this program to other paid to reviews, they require to enroll in a post about them so they can check how popular your post and not how popular your blog is. It's more specific in your writing style about 'em it self..

So what are you waiting for? Immediately list your blog here!


  1. boleh juga nh infonya.. entar dh aku coba lihat2 ke tkp kalau sempet.

  2. ini mirip sama infolinks yah boss?

  3. heeheh iye lumayanlah.. cuman menurut gosip kita mesti aktif untuk penawaran leview na di situs na

  4. cara mengais dollar yg lain yah oom?!? ndak ngerti hehehe
    pa kabar oom, wen lama tak main kemari hiks mahapkan yak

  5. Y emank q gtw arti smwa artikel diatas ! Wkwkkw

  6. wakh informasinya bagus juga kang, mau langsung ke tekape akh, salam kenal ya

  7. @ all : thank you all for coming :)


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