Sunday, May 10, 2009

German Shoe (Schuhe) Shop

D'ya know what?!?! I am a huge fan of shoes. My awesome shoe collection's almost like a store it self. What a coincidence when I'm browsing through the Internet I found an online shop that sells various models of shoes. Gorgeous!!!

Log on to the site, helas, although I don't even understand what the words say as they are in German, my brilliant pocket translator has provided me the best help to analyze every word. So that explains so much each words used there, lol. The important thing is that I saw an extraordinary collection of fabulous shoes... or... they said Schuhe. Whether it is for men or women.

Timberland, Puma or even Nike Schuhe. They’re obviously very versatile, more stylish than a sport brand shoe. They'd be great for wearing jeans and joggers with. In other words... They are totally rock!!!

Lebaran is comin' your way. It is very proud if I could get even just a single pair of their brand. Blue or sexy black Stiefel for example or I could not absolutely override the trendy and stylish beautiful Damenschuhe. Very pretty delicious one. Can you imagine when Lebaran arrived, someone brought you a gift, complete with blue ribbon, and when you opened that lovely box, it's a shoe with the brand. Just another hilarious dream? I don't think so!


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