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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Sweep Arpeggio

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Sweep Arpeggio'Sweep' Arpeggio

A sweep Arpeggio is really an arpeggio played incredibly fast. Basically speaking this is achieved by following the notes of a chord and sweeping the strings with the pick so that each individual strings is heard briefly, it is important that you try to stop each string from ringing on (as opposed to strumming a chord).

Start with a hammer-on for the following two arpeggios and then follow the notes of the A minor chord.

A Minor 'sweep' Arpeggio

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Sweep Arpeggio

G Minor 'sweep' Arpeggio

Now try the G Minor 'sweep' Arpeggio. This is the same procedure as before, however you may find it more difficult because you have to stracth your first and fourth fingers when performing the hammer-on at the beginning.

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Sweep Arpeggio

Fast Descending 'Sweep' Lick

The first two measures of this lick use the A minor and G major sweep arpeggios from the previous post, and then i'm afraid it gets progressively harder so i strongly recommend that you learn one measure at a time slowly and throughly before trying to play fast.

You will get it!

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Sweep Arpeggio

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wah kalau ndak salah dalam menerjemahkan..ini berbagi ilmu gitar ya om...

aku dulu pernah pengeeenn banget belajar gitar cuma gara2 ngeliat penyanyi cewek jepang nyanyi sambil maen gitar, hehehe... :D tapi yang beginian ga mudeng banget :(

Gambar Gitarnya lucu tuch... :)

berkunjuuuung... wew, sekarang udah tambah tutorial musik juga euy.. keyeen.. ^^

ajarin Ia maen gitar dunn kk :D xixixixix... lama ngag ng blog neii kk.. hhuuhhu kangen naaaaaaaa

@ all : maaf jika saaya blm semped mampir ke tempat akang mba tante om semua :(

ajarin maen gitar ndrong :(

jjahhh... kodok... wkwkwkwk...

wah mantap ni.. terima kasih banyak2

apanya nii yg mantap?!???! makasii kang iia :)

wedew, kagak paham, hehehe
numpang mampir.

blogwalking pagi2 gan.. wah master gitaris nih..

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