Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thoughts on the Ooma Telo VOIP

Crystal clear calls! Doods... My biggest concern about it is the stability of Ooma company itself. I am a little bit pessimistic and wonder, how could a company can survive financially with only selling hardware alone.. Not to mention without a continuous flow of funds as income, which are all just coming from online customers, but I convinced myself that it is not my business, anyway.. Lol.

Well, I don't know.. after doing some research on it, reading so many Ooma Review online, personally, I like this product, unfortunately they could only be applied in their home countries United States.. There are no similar products and services here in Indonesia yet.. :p

Imagine this, Ooma phone offers unlimited free calls in the United States forever.. Forever friends..!!! No monthly payments during the first 3 years. And some numbers like emergency services will be charged separately. It is shown from many websites and blogs that claim that their costumer service is great indeed. There you can get an explanation as much detail as if you are interested to have this product at your home.


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