Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Award

New Year's AwardAward is -always- given to the manager of a blog (blogger) that with all their resources have been pouring their creativity, their brilliant ideas, their activity in writing in the blog or even just bloghop thing.

The text of course that should be able to provide ideas or direct action on the readers to do the positive and useful, for itself or its surrounding communities all over the world (...of blogging).

This very cute Trophy Award was given to me by Mufi_Ed, sorry for this late brother...

I would like to thank -ofcourse- to Mufi_Ed... for giving me this very nice award and for always visiting my site. For you guys the PSD Holic and others.. feel free to grab this very nice award. It's FREEEE OF CHARGE!!!


  1. Selamat Tahun Baru dengan hadiah awardnya Mas.
    Salam hangat selalu.

  2. Semoga Allah SWT memberkahi kita semua dan memudahkan segala urusan kita. Tahun 2009 sudah meninggalkan kita dan tahun 2010 kita awali dengan niat dan doa serta berharap kehidupan kita kian lebih baik lagi. Amin...

    Selamat atas Awardnya sobat.

  3. Wawa...nice award :)
    Btw, happy new year ya...
    Lama banget saya gak kesini, hehehe....
    Sukses selalu :)

  4. Selamat atas Awardnya, semoga 2010 tambah banyak lagi dan sukses selalu. Selamat Tahun Baru sobat

  5. Selamat atas awardnya n selamat tahun baru juga.. mesti ketelatan nih...

  6. met tahun baru 2010 ya..
    sukses selalu

  7. terimakasii buat semua yang uda menyempatkan mampir :)
    met taon baru 2010 buat semua :))


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