Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is this seat taken?

genial - Monggo

Yes can be customised to suit a range of environments.

With its simple lines and clean design, this is especially appropriate where chnage is given; where moving, storing and reconfiguration are common; wher comfort is a must.

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!


  1. keren lagi hahahaha
    btw ekslusif tertutup gimana sih maksudnya haha gak ngerti nih gue -_-

  2. gmn tuh apa konfirmasi jawaban saya yang via facebook udah di baca?moga bermanfaat ya kang!!!!

  3. saiia gag maen pesbuk kang :(

  4. ...tp sepertinya di era seperti ini... facebook banyak manfaatnya juga mas :p


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