Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pen Shape Tool

I like CorelDraw except for this, and this could be the deciding factor as this is such an important tool. If anyone could tell me or point me in the right direction to making the CorelDraw pen tool just as flexible as the painting in white blank ordinary paper just like in school, especially (or) in this reguard, it would be most appreciated.

One other thought, depending on how you are using the pen tool - the Bezier or Polyline tool might be a better option for me, luckyly. I am not sure if you are drawing freehand shapes or plotting nodes over a tracing, or what - but I find these tools more efficient for tracing and plotting nodes.

This time i'm gonna show you guys how to get the trick of making a guitar just with Pen Tool ... it's kinda practice how to use it well in CorelDRAW!... Let's get it on!!!

Just like usual... the most important thing, you should have a Corel installed there on your computer :p... then you can open a New Blank Document, it's up to you about the size of document, 'coz it's realy imagination thing or something... you can imagine what size, widht and height for a guitar... heheheh... (blank tut?!?!? Dun no... lmao! )

First... imagine the neck of a simple electric guitar like i drew here...
If you done with that neck, you can continue with its body... remember to still use Pen Tool... it's amazing...!!!
The frets... use to get the circle on the neck and Head...
The strings....

This time you can use the help of this tool... ... to get the real Frets...
But before, you could draw the Head... full with the Dryers on it...
The Tremolo with its Handle...

After you've done with the whole body... do this...

The result should be like this or unless...

Here we are...

Other samples using Pen Tool...


  1. bisa aja da ah si akang nih :p

  2. Pilih Publisher aja sob.

    Cheers, frizzy.

  3. Iyah yah, ada yang komplain juga gak isa kirim komen di postingan hehehehe maklum Newbie ntar coba ku lihat salahnya deh ;), btw, baik nyata ataupun make paint *apalagi coreldraw* aku gak isa menggambar lho *malu*. mudah²an sering² berkunjung kesini bikin aku bisa, BANZAIIII !! hehehe

  4. napa gag liad di settingan comment nya mba??? tp kek nya musti member baru bisa komen,,, saya makin gag ngerti utk urusan spt itu :((

    sama dund mba' kita sama-sama gk bsa gambar :p

  5. Your posting are cool man, this really usefull, thanks

  6. hi salam kenal & mampir balik. Makasih udah berkunjung ke blog saya yang lain. xixixi.
    o.. saya baru nyambung pas dikau bilang, "kirain pake potosop", ternyata dikau lagi explore coreldraw ya? sayah sendiri juga ga bisa pake potoshop :D

  7. @ jakabanda : moga bermanfaat kang :) mksh udah nyampe lagi di sini :)

    @ quinie : sami-sami mba'... corel?? PSD mba'... hehhehhehe...

  8. wah makasih ni bang tutorialnya... sangat membantu :)

  9. Mampir, Artikel bermanfaat ni..

  10. tapi emang bener bermanfaat kuk... :) makasih yahh... :)

  11. mantab, semakin hari semakin joss.. terus ya...

  12. jutaan makasih om utk kunjungan tetapnya... sukses banget2 dahh buat si om... :)

  13. kerennnnnnnnnnnn....anna dr dulu pengen belajar corel...doh kagak bisa2 *alibi gaptek*

  14. gitarnyah kek beneran foto yah...

  15. @ anna : makasih an... jangan dipaksain :p
    @ tips kecantikan : saya bisa jd cantik gk ni???
    @ girls corner : ajarin apa kang?

  16. wew.. corel draw yua... mauuuu.... sob ada artikel baru di blogku nih.. baca ya...


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