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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Color Halftone I.G.

Color Halftone I.G.A great design using great design software just like Photoshop need to crate a sense of community as well as a financial return.

There was a time when a design was about fully supporting the number of visitors into a space to get the best economic result.

Here are some sample on how i create a portrait with the help of Color Halftone with photoshop. For the most part, i change the photograph into line art.. and we'all know that the lesson about that has passed on my other tuto there on Line Art and now the focus has shifted to create environments, where a sense of community and innovation is just as important as financial return. Generate the great money for our business.


wah..bestnyer kalau aku sebijak ini dapat hasilkan my own creativity in photoshop.mau dipraktikan nie sih..

keren coy! darimana aje baru ngepost hehehe

ahahhha, this is awesome! nyoba juga, ah.

oooh, aweeesome! you should do one with your own photo maybe

What a neat effect! I love the way it looks like a comic book. I want to do some of my photos this way!

hi,blog kamu dimuat di tabloid pc mild 19/2010

huhohohoho... makin mantep aja niih...siiip,, :D

keren mas...slalu tertegun melihat karya2 goresan mas genial..about potoshop n corel...secara gw jg hobi dg 2 software ituu..

banyak blajar disini gw :)


hambok potoku tokh yang disotosoup koyok ngono...

**ngareep tenan hi hi....

@ all : terimakasii sebesar2nya buat temen2 yang menyempatkan blogwalkingnya tuk mampir ke sini lagi dan lagi :)

kapan wajah saya bisa terpampang di sini yah mas?!?
hihihihih.. *ngareppp.........

saya mau dong mas dibuat seperti itu :)

mas.. saya banyak pertanyaan nihh...

@ Bondowoso : mana photonya kang?
@ Kartika : such as....!?!?!?

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