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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Digital Painting

My First Digital PaintingSketching.

Sketch should be obviously performed with low-resolution image with 72 dpi, a clear reason for the speed. It's important to remember that if the sketch is completed faster, then the result would be better (this usually applies to me).

Stop in every few strokes of a sketch is the key to gain this part of creating a great digital painting. Can many times, can also one-time scratches. Avoid wasting time on details of the sketch so that we can be more quickly completed.

My First Digital PaintingAfter the sketch is completed and has been generated, I think you better directly convey ideas in your head, portrayed using Photoshop.

Determine the volume of pictures, learn the source of light that illuminate the subject. Use the tip of the brush 50% flat gray.

CMy First Digital Paintingontinue with the arrangement of the shadows in dark areas using a few light strokes of each image. Always use the keyboard shortcuts continuously, so that every single thing could easily applied.

Color transition, canceation, zoom in and out, etc... so my left hand on the keyboard at any time while the right hand uses the mouse produce a painting. This could accelerate the process of creation.

My First Digital PaintingAdjust the brush size and ofcourse it depends on the amount of detail of each area, do this continually until we get a fit with what we want.

Zoom to 300%, to facilitate our eyes to see things that even the smallest, ease of working on small details.


At this point, I add color to the so far still B & W portrait. Using one of the most powerful features of Photoshop, Adjustment layers, I could experiment with different color schemes until I found the one I'm looking for.

My First Digital Painting

An advantage of using this method is that I can change colors at any time, without having to repaint every part of the illustration.

My First Digital Painting

Hire Me?!

My Final Image:

My First Digital Painting

other sample :

My First Digital Painting


LOVE it! You made it by yourself? you must be reallly talented, because this looks great! (Y) keep up the good work!

Keren banget boz....!
Luar biasa....sukses selalu.

great works gan...... I love the sketch at the second step, I think it was over.... hha... the final result is really awesome... :D

@ Lichy : hell yeah... and this is my first step to it :)
@ all : thnx for your kind comments guys :)

this is not over yet, isn't it?!?!?

@ andrii : thank you bro :)
@ Apri : no no no... this is it! It's all over... I know i'm not pretty good on this digital painting... I just share it to all of you.. I still learn my self 'till now :)
thank you for the asking :)

makasii kang... tp sepertinya, mungkin yang di maksud sama akangnya adalah, gambar dan bukan foto kali iia :)

i'm getting here so confused :(

kalau kita lagi depresi... berpengaruh sama hasilnya gak mas?

maaf saiia blm bisa bertandang ke tempat akang mba sekalian :(

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