Friday, February 06, 2009

Vector Image Reinvention (CDR)

Bitmap image is the image of a photo taken from the scan, digital camera, etc., usually in the Jpeg or Tiff format. While the image is a vector image that is created or formed from the line, kurva, field, fill mathematically. Component changes the image vector (line, field, etc.) either increase or reduce the size, rotate or flip will not affect image quality. Merging bitmap images with vector correctly and will produce an appropriate design of the paper.

Changing the Bitmap image into vector using the program Corel Draw X3:

1. Select a picture / image bitmaps (photo, scan results, and others), i use this Maksim that you guys can get here!

2. Select Bitmaps on the Menu Bar, and select Trace Bitmap

3. Then will appear on side bar, multiple choice type (line art, logos, and friends), select one, and a new window will appear.

4. Appear in the original image (Bitmap) and trace the image is an image vector.

5. In the Options menu: Type of image, select one of them (logo, or select another try and see the changes in the vektor)

  • Set the smoothing and detail as you wish, see a change in appearance Color mode, that will determine the color mode in the image on the vector trace.
  • In the menu options, delete the original image, if enabled the bitmap image will be erased, replaced on a page image vector corel draw it.

6. Once in the brain especial settings, continue to click OK.

7. But on CorelDRAW, the image covering the Bitmap image with its vector above, the vektor slide image, and color can be changed, in ungroup, etc ...

Just use your imagination! Good Luck!!!

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  1. I think Quick Trace is not good enough to vectorize the botmap picture... To get more great result, we need to trace it manually... But it just an opinion. :) nice Job bro...

    Oh yeah, wanna do some exchange link? so i'm not losing a trail to this great blog... contact me if you wanna do some exchange link

  2. i'm agree with the way you can have my piece of art anyway..

  3. jangankan situ berdua, sini aja setuju banget, klu membuat vektor itu lebih memuaskan dengan cara trace manual... postingan ini kan hanya nyoba utk memberi pengetahuan ttg kegunaan alat2 yg ada di software trsbt, dlm hal ini CorelDRAW!

    hehehehe... contoh2 Vektor hasil trace bisa kuk di liad di sini... :)

    o iy.. mksh udah mampir ya kang sama enengnya... :)


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