Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to read Tablature

Everyone loves music and certainly want to play a musical instrument itself. But not everyone can play a musical instrument of interest. Therefore, it is necessary that you have to get a hard work on it, a half good will even with all responsibility will only create a result that is also half. Unfortunately, this willingness only-no is not enough, means that follow determine, healthy, certainly must belong to a condition that allows someone to continue work, need to have musical instrument, time, good place, the appropriate lessons, and perhaps this is also a factor that is almost forgotten, money.

Exercise Discipline

Without business, someone might get a rejeki nomplok. But to become a good guitarist, and even to become a reliable guitarist ever, it is not possible without the a diligent efforts. Discipline of study can be arranged with another to follow these suggestions:

1. Spend the time at least 30 minutes every day regularly. Better than two or three days with a two-hour practice in full.

2. A beginner often feel tired quickly, to avoid or encounter obstacles such as this, that 30 minutes should be devided into 2x15 minutes with a rest two or three minutes.

3. Try studying in a quiet place away from radio, television, computer, cell phone or anything that had to give any voice that make us not so focus on this practice hardly.

4. Keep the guitar clean and take care of it as hard as you could do possible. Exposed the guitar do not wet or sunburned in the sun.

5. Clean the occasional guitar part that dirty coz' of dust or sweat with cotton and milk, leather cleaning.


  1. Nice Bro...

    ane kagak becus neh english lang nya..

    belajar dan berbagi

  2. yahh.. sama kang saya juga...
    ini demi sesuatu yang gk pernah saya dapet2 aja kang :(
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  3. sama saya juga :( gimana nih?!??!??


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