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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion

Among the rows of classic albums belonging to Pantera, the single Walk is one of a precious antique recordings ever produced the Scot. Album Songs of Faith ... contains a new surge of negative energy wave and goth-rock Electric have a dark-dark gloomy lake water that mysterious...

Remains driven by the cold-faced brain konseptro Dime Bag, Pantera seemed to know only dark colors in the lives and careers of their music and the outside world while spinning, the group chose to stop all the mirth-Riaan and hope they are happy in the circulation time .

Sound of music, lyrics and feel of the existing built through heavy rock music sythesizer pessimistic and that comes through a knock-knock grim and small explosions goth music flowing slowly.

Here's the Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion 1

Indeed, Pantera - Walk is an expert and one of the pioneers in the creation and the image darkens goth-rock genre becomes more mysterious and "sick" even if the music they produce is actually quite pop and a lot has intelligent elements from the "death of the art of sound".

...and this.. is Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion 2

Hire Me?!

So.. what about the Pantera - Walk - Dime - Solo part?!?!?!


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