Monday, January 07, 2013

Ocke Casper

Do you have any idea who the Ocke Casper is? If you do not know yet about it all.. just go check in Ocke Casper from this page. Whenever you are wondering to join the team, you can easily check on the "Register As A Team Member" at the top of the page (if I am not mistaken :p). Do not forget to write down any suggestions and messages to him when he manifests any kind of news.

Something supernatural was captured a couple of weeks ago, with the help of psychic, Ocke Casper directly inserted into the bottle. Is this some kind of monster or what?! :p Said resident Similarly, the ghost appeared and often disturbing family homeowners. When it is being photographed, the white stripe of his misery was also start recorded, like a cartoon character Casper him self.

Come visit the Ocke Casper or Okke Ristian now.

Hire Me?!

Just make your self at home. Enjoy guys...


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