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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Andra and The Backbone - Sempurna

The song 'Sempurna', which belongs hit Andra and The Backbone of successful Indonesian music scene, a few years ago, was created during the band is doing a jam session.

"Initially Stevie... play the guitar chords but the lyrics are still not there. When I heard the song was amazing. So can not make the lyrics are mediocre. So I made this song the lyrics to God, but the interpretation to be more universal, and the couple also can, "said Andra band's driving force, in Rolling Stone Café, South Jakarta, Wednesday night.

Andra added, if the song 'Perfect' as vent and pray to God. "If you play that song again, like a vent or pray. I regard praying on stage, "he added.

The personnel Andra and TheBackbone also try to create the best songs for his fans in the country. A year ago, they never issued a single hits so called 'Alibi' but not released a new album. But recently they have responded in May 2012 by releasing his new album titled 'IV'.

..And guys.. here's the TAB Andra and The Backbone - Sempurna..

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