Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dream Theater - Solitary Shell

It is truly a memorable evening, I felt the warmth enveloped me. For a moment I closed my eyes and gave thanks to God for the blessings that have so much I earn.

So much so hit this lull and stir my emotions. After seduced by beautiful melodies with clear acoustic guitar effects, Ibaneznya roar into session distortion and alternate picking of the guitar solo "Hollow Years". Suddenly the "state of grace" was gone and suddenly gave way .. who knows what it's called, the spirit or the energy that burns my feelings. Maybe "the unexplainable thing" that makes me have a bond and energy each finished listening to "Hollow Years" version of Live in Budokan.

A few hits from the new album like "Train of Thoughts" and "Systematic Chaos" co-played by them, even my favorite hit of "Systematic Chaos" is "Constant Motion" co played perfectly. After the hit nuanced "dark", we were invited to have fun with "I Walk Beside You", "Solitary Shell" and "The Silent Man" version of Live from New York with occasional Chemy and Vedy angpaw threw into the audience.

The "Forbidden City Rocks - A Dream Theater Nite" closed with the hit "Metropolis". Here I re-acquire "warmth".

       ._-_.    ________________________
      +|\G/|+  | ______________________ |
      +|\./|+  || O  o o o  =|=  |  =  ||
      +|\./|+  || O  o o o   |  =|=  | ||
       `|H|'   ||______________________||
        |a|    |________________________|
        |H|    ||MM88MM<<        |a|    ||M88MM<<        |H|    ||88MM<<  _-_   |H|   _-_<< /   \  |H|  /   \ |    \_|a|_/    |?<< \      |H|      /<<  \     |H|     /<<   |    '"'    |<<  /     ===     \ /      ===   !  \HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMRMM8RM||
|             | o |HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM988MM||  
|      +---+ /  o |MMMMMMMMMMMMMM988MM<||     
\       ___ /  o  /M/MMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<||     
 \     |HHH|    l/MMMMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<<||      
  `-_   \_/   _-MMRMMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<     """"""""' ~~~V~~""~~~~~~~~~~~~~~V~~~    

Dream Theater - Solitary Shell 1

Hire Me?!

Dream Theater - Solitary Shell 2

Other tabs


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