Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now... it's your time!

mau nyewa?

Have you ever thought you'd actually found someone you like alot then find out you were wrong?

No no no... that ain't the Question of the day..!!! Do not get mad of me, lmao... it's a trapp or something??? I got your attention, didn't I? I'm gonna ask you this...

Which one d'ya prefer?

This is difficult without one of them, there are side projects with the MS Pratama namebrand on the cover, nothing more. I can't vote on this one as I like all of versions of the image equally. I find myself listening to SEPULTURA slightly more, but not enough to get a vote.

I wasn't asking your fave!! Just which of the masterminds for each time you prefer, for Heaven's sake! I know it depends on what it is and who made the trick. Some are just awful quality, some are just cheaper of the same. I just want good quality for my lovely blog.

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I cannot guarantee the accuracy of answers submitted by members, and we recommend that you use common sense when following any advice found here.

In other words, for the next .psd Lesson, from that images above...
which one d'ya prefer?

Send me new answers to this question!

Somewhere out of a memory of lighted streets on quiet nights...


  1. Apa'an si ni, Nel ..?
    gak ngeti gue,, prefer apanya ..?

    *sumpah gak ngerti*

  2. bukannya ini berkisar ttg pilihan... pilihan pendengar gtu loh non (klu radio, laen lagi klu tipi ato apalahh...)

    itu milih, yg enak tutorial ttg ap yg bakalan keluar berdasarkan image2 ituh non :p

    apa gw musti ngeluarin tut ttg bikin dompet, logo VW ato apa?!??!?!

    ngono loh non..

    yo wess.. aQ adus sek yoo :p

  3. Ini sabtu jam 1 siang ...
    Buset aku kaget banget serasa denger suara dari dunia lain waktu tiba-tiba denger audio di siniiihhhO God God ....

  4. gen... ga ngertiiii ne cmwa tntang pah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kuk utie bgus blog na,,,,

  5. pilih apa ini? yg gambar di kotak2 itu kah? kalo iya, aku pili bola birunya. hoho.. aku suka bola-bola..

  6. keren-keren frenz.. aku cuma bisa kagum aja nh...kq bisa hasilnya begitu ya...
    TFS :)

  7. blognya keren habies tp zie ga ngerti hehehe

  8. lom ada arah yg spesifik nih :((

  9. eh.. eh...
    ini di suruh milih gambar yang ada di atas kan??
    ah... saya milih apel warna ijo aja...
    eh btw... maaf ya... aku baru bisa berkunjung sekarang... lagi males banget nge blog...hehe :D

  10. belum bisa mewujudkan nasihat kakaku...masih nyari bpk yg mau jd bapak yg sholeh utk anakku kelak hehehehe

  11. gw pilih bikin dompet....di tunggu postingannya...

  12. gajah masuk kota atau gk yg sketsa gambar seru tuh sepertinya :)

  13. aku suka apple, ijo sih

    asem asem manis githu

  14. dateng lagi just want to say..

    i interest with the tree. (your headlines)

  15. genial, sayah ga ngerti gimana caranya ngecrop gambar trus gantiin backgroundnya ke poto yang lain.. ajarin dongggg

  16. @ dwina : tree?!?!?!? what kinda tree dear?

    @ quinie : meluncuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrr :)


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