Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cool Ways You Can Use Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great software program that allows people to manipulate images in virtually any sort of way they desire. It is a favorite program of students working on their MFA degree in photography. Below are some good pointers for image manipulation that can make one’s graphics top-notch.

Proportion Manipulation of Images

By utilizing Photoshop’s Content Aware Scale, which is found in the toolbar under Edit, users are able to get the perfect orientation for a particular image to go in virtually any sort of space. In order to properly manipulate the proportion of an image, users will first need to use white paint to make an alpha channel so that the original image is protected, and then utilize Content Aware Scale in order to adjust the size of the image one axis at a time. It is recommended that users attempt smaller applications several times to adjust the proportions for large scale projects.

Vibrance Adjustment

Vibrance adjustment is a great feature that comes with up to date versions of Photoshop. Essentially, this tool allows people to adjust the intensity of their colors in such a way that is more subtle than other tools. All one  needs do is to select the this option from the adjustments panel, and maneuver the slider in much the same way that other tools for adjusting color, such as Saturation or Hue, in order to subtly alter the vibrancy of color within an image.

3D Model Painting

Recent developments in Photoshop enable users to look at their images in situ and paint on three dimensional textures of these images directly. Doing so requires people to first choose material that they want to paint from the 3D panel, and then to preview and actually paint these images by utilizing the same Photoshop brushes that are regularly used for non-3D painting. It is best if users depict these images in relatively low quality until it is time for output, which helps to keep the software fully responsive. It is also possible to edit 3D images by using the Lighting tool as well.


After one has spent a lot of time working on color and painting images a certain way, it is possible to make minor corrections to these graphics by utilizing Camera Raw, which enables users to make application of mask-style, gradient adjustments, while also utilizing the healing tool to clone pixels. Other options for Camera Raw include making several localized adjustments to images as well.


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