Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Check out my Venus Factor result!

Hi there.. This is the very inspiring story that i can give you today. This is about my lovely friend Clara. At just 13 years old, she weights almost 130 pounds, when the millions of million kids struggling with the obesity. But in last 2 year, she transform her body and her life to get her remarkable waiting journey.

The extra weight made it difficult to breathe and moving around, she soon became a target for bullies! Everybody at school would call her fatty, fat head or something.. Clara's weight began when she was just a baby, actually. By kindergarten she was 90 pounds. When she was playing with friends, they would running, she can not keep up..

So Clara's mommy decided to take medicine with her own hand, searched on internet and finally got to The venus factor program and designing exercise routine for her daughter. The program that is designed to Venus factor results give you top Venus factor sexy feminine body shape.. not a weight loss program or weight gaining program instead like others. The entire family began walking 4 miles trail to their home. Before long, Clara lost 13 pounds.

I thing it is amazing about losing weight with Venus Factor, it's really changing your lifestyle! It's something you have to won in it. Now she is a part of retaining about 5 pounds of water, so she's better hoping she's not became something terrible at the end of the week. Thing is changed now. A whole different way in looking at yourself and others! Go check out the video on youtube, because it is very, very, very educational and it is great for all of us!


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