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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Ultimate Guitar Song Collection

Let me tell you a story.

Shortly after junior school, I was just getting started in my guitar career. I was pretty much obsessed with Steve Vai and my dream was to play amazing leads and solos. Then one day, my roomate came in with a couple of his buddies and they saw me with the guitar. They said "Hey G, play us a song.

"What?? A song?? Man, I felt like a deer looking into headlights. I had gotten so used to playing leads and scales that I almost forgot what a song was.


Hire Me?!

After bumbling around for a minute, I'm pretty sure I was able to remember at least one song, but man... I never wanted to be in that position again! I suddenly realized the power of having a solid repertoire that you can tap into at anytime... and how cool it is to be able to play something that your friends and family can enjoy.

So a word to the wise:

Don't get caught with your pants down, unable able to play tons of killer songs :) Follow this advice and you'll thank me later! And I've got just the ticket for you. Whenever I get a guest (especially a woman) to come over to my house and they see the guitars, The first thing they ask is "Can you play (insert popular song)?)

I've never had a girl ask me "Can you play an epic lead please?" If you want to win the girl -- learn popular songs.


There are tons of very simple, but impressive-sounding electric guitar improvisation. These are great ways to put your basic skills, and develop into something a little more advanced.


ada yg mo ikutan?!?!

Setelah membaca Info dan Artikel, saya jadi ingin mencoba. Salam Sukses

Menarik, sangat Menarik Artikel dan Tipsnya. boleh dicoba. salam sukses


blog urang kanapa bsa bgtu yach.....

artikel yang sangat menarik,,,
kunjungan pertama gan salam kenal,,,

nice dig!! thanks for that info!

Don't get caught with your pants down!! great!! thanks

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