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Monday, December 26, 2011

Spark Your Creativity

1. Read Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis

A rabbit sits in a cardboard box and uses his imagination to transform it into a race car, a mountain, a robot. The lesson? "Anything can be anything," Anna says.

2. Go outside

Nature informs most of Anna's designs: "A pinecone, a caterpillar, some gnarled gourds from a pumpkin patch—the natural world is full of bizarre, beautiful stuff."

Hire Me?!

3. Start a collection

Curating your own little exhibit of similar objects makes you more attuned to what's special about each one. "Try to figure out why the designers made the choices they did, and you'll get a peek into their creative process," Anna says. "I collect toothbrushes. They have to do something very specific—and it's not a very exciting something—but their simplicity is an opportunity for imaginative design."

Spark Your Creativity7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity4. Touch stuff

Everywhere Anna goes, she picks up objects she sees. "I get acquainted with a thing's thing-ness. I experience it with my hands, not just my eyes."

5. Travel solo

"Once in a while, go somewhere alone," says Anna. "It's much easier to experience everything around you and to cover lots of ground. I decided to be a designer at the top of the Antoni Gaudí cathedral in Barcelona, because I was so moved by the architecture." But you don't necessarily have to cross an ocean. "You can get inspired by traveling practically anywhere, as long as you're open to what you see."

6. Go analog

"Don't check your e-mail when you're creating," Anna says. "Nothing earth-shattering is going to happen in an hour or two."

7. Grab every opportunity

Hosting a group of friends? Make party favors. Received a gift? Write a handwritten note. "If you're having dinner at home tonight," Anna says, "why not make something you never made before?"

Show Us Your Creativity! Get out your camera and sketch pad and share your imaginative output.


SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2012 semua!!! :)

sangat bermanfaat nih artikelnyaa,,,,

creativeness is the best for us!! thanks

The blog is absolutely fantastic. Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need. Thanks

salam kenal gan, sukses selalu dah, ku tunggu yah kunjungan baliknya, awas jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya yah :D

berbagi Kata Kata Motivasi cuy
Hidup ini penuh pilihan. Semakin baik keputusan yang kamu pilih semakin baik juga kamu dalam mengendalikan kehidupanmu.

semoga dapat di terima :D

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