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Monday, December 05, 2011

Rock vs. Metal

Rock vs MetalWho wins?

Metal or rock?

For me — there is no battle. Metal is just rock with a bit more distortion and attitude. And the guy that “embodies that” the most is none other than Jack Frost.

He’s like a metal god with a touch of motivational speaker. Here’s some cool lessons from him showing
you one of Van Halen’s secrets: EPIC RHYTHM SECRETS.

Rock on!

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P.S. I also highly recommend his “Epic Rhythm Guitar Power” course. IT’S EPIC! lol

Hire Me?!


berkunjung sob..salam blogger
sukses selalu ...:)

@ all : hatur tengkyu all :)

Wihiii.,..keren mobilnya kang.
Mobilnya akang bukan nih? :))
Kapan ya punya mobil sekeren itu? :D #ngarepdotcom

buehehehe... bukan kang bukan punya saiia :( :p

da elah nii orang :( kewkewkew

Gille gan keren abis tuh mobil

wah kalo pas mobil dangdut ada bewokannya kali ya ehehehehhehe mup ya bang aji cuma becanda..

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