Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busindre Reel

Artist: Busindre Reel
Title: Hevia Guitar Version by FZ
Filesize: 8.27 mb
Filetype: AVI

Busindre Reel - Hevia Guitar Version by FZ

Busindre Reel Tab :

Busindre Reel Intro
Busindre Reel Verse

Busindre Reel Lyrics

(Instrumental) Tú nun güelvas más a mio casa. Faciendo ruiu con les...(Instrumental)

Hire Me?!

Check this tab..

E||----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|| B||--------6---8-6-4-------6---8-6-4-|----------6-----6-------6-8-----8--|| G||--5-5-5---5-------5-5-5---5-------|--7-----7-----7---8-7-8-----8-8----|| D||----------------------------------|----8-8-----8----------------------|| A||----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|| E||----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||

If your download does not begin after approximately 5 seconds, click this direct link to check the Busindre Reel - Uploaded by SuperMegaMantus version. Thank you.


  1. where's the rest tab?!?!

  2. you find it your self on inet :( there's a bunch of that :(


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