Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blues licks using the 9th (video lesson)

Going to try to make this kind of post short and sweet. Sometimes I ramble (like last beautiful post telling you that story about Lars) and sometimes I'm just gonna send over to my guitar blog...

Like today -- I'm excited about this lesson I just recorded. I show you how Hendrix and Stevie Ray used the 9th degree of the key in combination with the standard pentatonic scale.

Dig the lesson here!

Actually, we'll have more exciting stuff too. Perhaps a webinar where you can talk live with Jimmy and me and the crew...

Hire Me?!

Enjoy today's lesson.



  1. Grrr,,, don't understand about guitar, so I can't playing the guitar... :))
    Success for the blog :D

  2. your post is interesting...I love it

  3. amazing.........i cant speak here..


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