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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guitar D Drop Tuning

Guitar D Drop TuningDrop D tuning (commonly known as 'dropped d') is very very very simple to get. Usually we can easily find this kinda trick when you hear about heavy metal stuffs.. I prefer to call it the industrial rock, rock music today.

WHATEVER.. Lol..!!!

Now a days.. I really like so much about that kinda music... bands like Godsmack, Mudvayne, American Head Charge, and so on because they use a tuning like this one. By lowering the E tone makes the music a bit more weight, the result.. more frightening.. pounding drums would have more make our heart beat faster when we're in the studio or something.


It's easy ... All you have to do is lower the tone E (6th string) to D. Anticipation of its similarity to pluck the strings 4th (D string) and then pick the low E that you have sent down earlier. See what I've done below...

Guitar D Drop Tuning

You guys don't need some hard move to your guitar power chords to get sound in tune, once you get that just like I said, it RULES!!!

Hire Me?!


Ingat permainan PS2, klau ga salah gitar herro ya, (lmao)

kalo di linux ada games kaya guitar heroes, namnya frets on fire :D

@ Laksamana Embun : saiia justru gag ngerti gitar heroan kang :(
@ Imaz : iia gpp juga... makasii ampirannya :)
@ waroeng ubuntu : uda gitar heroannya gag ngerti.. musti di tambah linux-an segala lagi kang... huaaaaaaa... mumeeedd :( mending saiia maen gitar biasa ajja daahh :( gpp kan kang?!?!?

Wah...pengen saya punya gitar kaya gitu....mantabs...

This comment has been removed by the author.

if I am to this day still has not learned to play guitar though have learned, is difficult because the hand of my index finger rather large due to an accident when I was younger, it would only be able to see

saya seneng main gitar tapi yang akustik sob, kalau yang seperti diatas itu pegang aja belum pernah.. :D

salam kenal sob, ijin follow dengan nama Dwi.

aku gak tahu main gitar tapi dulu ketika masih smp pengen banget belajar main gitar tapi tidak pernah kesampaian sampai sekarang.

aku suka sekali dengar musik terutama musik mancanegara.

Godsmack, Mudvayne, American Head Charge. emm cuma tahu Godsmack, itupuny lagunya yang aku ingat cuma Voodoo.

I never know to play guitar..may be need special practise. :)

nice review, but i belum kesampaian bisa metik gitar sendiri, hix.. ajarim dumz :D

saya sebenernya pengen juga, tp kok gak pernah bisa ya main gitar...

gak ada bakat kali ya...

salam kenal bro..

never can to play guitar,,
and don't have guitar :D

i dont know what to say..
have no gitar on my own

me to no have idea how to play guitar... I think maybe need to practice..

whaaaa.. linknya kok diblok ama IM2-ku yah.. hiks, jadi gak isa liat..

Halah lama gak mampir ke sini bos.. piye kabare btw sy kurang gitu ngerti soal gitar hehe

wah lama gak mampir kesini sob hehehe apa kabar om geni?

yoyoy... i can't playing guitar. when senior high school i was learning to play it but my fingger very late to move, coz that i am stoping to learn. :D

Now you're speaking my husband's language. He's always playing his guitar, and I love it. ;-)

thx for info... keep writing and giving us an information... glhf for ur day!!!

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