Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stay Cool with Aeolos

Wind turbines in several countries, has become a trend, because it can more efficiently provide power to the reduction in electricity costs. Aeolos wind turbine has been developed for more than 20 years and is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world.

Some advantages of wind turbines Aeolos more durable because it has a generator efficiency> 0.85 and is made from quality materials, have lower prices (30% cheaper than other products), 10-year warranty and has 340 dealers across the country.

Aeolos wind turbine is available in two types, horizontal axis wind turbines (from 500W to 50kw) and vertical axis wind turbine (from 300W to 10kw). Horizon is usually used in small villages, homes, farms and small businesses. While the vertical axis is usually used in urban and low-noise area.

For the tower, Aeolos offers three types of towers: Guyed towers, lattice towers and tower mono. Guyed tower has a lower cost and easier to maintain, but tough when it's recovery because the design which is difficult to climb. Lattice tower has been the medium, but because the design costs (big and heavy), this species is difficult to provide. While the most valuable is the mono-tower. Expensive, due to be made from steel pipe design with state-free.

Before determining the type of wind turbines and towers will be used, you should consider several things, such as construction, wind speed and direction and policies of local governments, because in some areas, local governments still prohibit the use of wind turbines. The lower the wind speed, the less electricity a turbine will produce?


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