Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kin Akbar

genial - Kin AkbarLightning will strike inside the closed temple and harm the citizens in their stronghold. Horses, cattle, men, the flood will reach the walls, through hunger and thirst, those armed beneath the weakest. The fugitive, the weapons with fire from heaven. The next conflict will be that of the flying crows. They call upon earth and heaven for help, when the aggressors draw near the walls.

From the sky, fire, the color of gold is seen on earth, struck by the high born, a marvellous event. Great slaughtter of humanity. A nephew taken from the high born one. Death to the spectator, the proud one escapes. His face is spatterred with the blood of a newly sacrified victim. Jupiter and Leo warn through Prophecy. He will be put to death for the promised one.

By the fury of one who will wait for the water, by the great rage that moves all the army. Great confusion results from the expedition, immense loss of men and treasure. You must never attempt to expand there again. When there is an eclipse of the sun in board daylight, the monster will be seen. Many will interpret is in different ways. They will not care about money or make any provision for it.


  1. Wow..cool!
    Beneran mas, keren banget deh.
    Gimana sih cara buatnya?

  2. Ngiler, pengen banget bisa buat yang ginian.
    Bener2 mantap! :)

  3. saya sepertinya ada kata-kata atau usulan.. tapi apa yah?!?!?!

  4. kurang kenceng mas bertenggernya di depan gugel :(


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