Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Digital Painting - Girl on the train

Do you guys like to draw so much? Do you feel your Drawing Skill is stuck and quite boring for a while? Do you feel you have a great PASSION in the illustration but are confused about how to develop and study the illustrations correctly? Do you want to feel REVOLUTION in studying illustrations? If the answer is YES, then you come to the RIGHT place!

We of PSHolic have the essentials program that will make you a champ even if you never have a history of drawing at all or feel no talent. PSHolic has a patented, customized method to make you a drawing artist who is not only good at drawing but also knows how to develop it more seriously (professional/career).

The Facts :
1. You do not need to learn Illustration (Digital Painting). To master the true Drawing, you absolutely do not need some called Special Talent or what so ever, Digital Painting can be learned and teached, everyone can learn it.
2. Extreme exercise to be able to handle it. It is a common mistaken and of course wasting time and effort just to practice. A thousand-hour exercise will not guarantee you to be a Master of the illustrations.
3. There is no such thing as Digital Painting Maestro. This wrong concept breaks through that a Maestro a.k.a. Master of Illustration is a great gift given talent is a myth.

PSHolic responds to the challenges of the modern, all-round world of fast and specific, requiring someone to learn the Digital Painting more quickly and deeply (from just a hobby to become a pro). By following our tutorials you will be able to master it correctly even if you have not even learned it or maybe can not draw what so ever, you will find that the learning system here is quite revolutionary and extraordinary radical.

We hope.. After completing the training at PSHolic you will be able to have a new very different kind of  vision with incredible imagination of Illustration or Digital Painting skill.


  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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