Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Metallica - Blackened

Blackened is the first and heaviest song on Metallica’s iconic album, ...And Justice For All, i guess. With a minute long long long and confusing intro -as Metallica so often does- that gives way to a much heavier rest of the song.

I really though that it's necessary tab that i've transcribed 'coz the intro part on the recording is actually a mesmerized layered chorus of harmonized guitars played backwards, which would be impractical, although not impossible, to pull off live.

The song describes the end of days from some sort of worldwide catastrophe, which reflected fears at the time of nuclear winter from hostile relations between the nuclear powerhouses Russia and of course the United States of America, what else that could be?!?! :p.

Here's the Metallica - Blackened tab just for you all :) Enjoy!!!

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