Thursday, November 26, 2009

Electronic Cigarette

In a desert of Sahara, a man sits deep in meditation. Suddenly, a wild and hungry beast approaches him. Anyone else would have run away but not him. Instead, he begins to inhale his Menthol 16mg and in minutes, the once wild and savage creature becomes as timid as a mouse. Thus is the power of smoke, Electronic Cigarette - the power that I understand.

This is not the first time that you heard about the advantages and the disadvantages of this such thing. We're gonna skip that part wisely. First things first.... Almost all smokers know and realize this, smoking isn't a quite good habit. Forget all the rules! is the online portal provides Electronic Cigarette with a huge variety of advantages compared with similar portals around the web. I'm talking about their nice Cartridge with high capacity, 2 Long Life Batteries & Charger, atomizer Built-In, Money Back Guarantee, etc.

Can you imagine.. this is new thing for me, honestly. Smoke without smoke?!?! Geeezzz.. that's awesome! It is non-flammable environmentally friendly smoking activity, beside, the price is certainly more efficient than traditional cigarettes. SmokeTip Car Charger would never run out of power with Hi-quality & works on any standard car power socket.

These are absolutely the amazing invention since the wheel. You'll go from a pack a day of lung filling tar sticks and believe me now you are about down to a half pack every 2-3 days. Isn't that good enuf for a heavy smokers like you are?!?! Am I getting off topic? Well.. what are you -smokers- waiting for? I just wanna say, just order a few atomizers. They look cool, they make lots of excellent vapor. Best of all, they'll fit on your rechargeable lithium batteries, so you don't obviously have to buy new ones!

As a part of modern lifestyle.. Shouldn't wait til you miss the information provided to apply this good smoke health opportunity. Immediately ordered it, from Don't forget to come back later as I'll be reviewing others. See ya' then.


  1. Wow what a job. Good work buddy. Sudah semangat lagi Kang Gen? Ayo dunk maen2 kerumahkoe....

  2. he..he.. lagi review neeh.. slamet yah buat dolarnya he..he..

  3. oalaahh... repiuan yah?! cring..cring.. $_$

  4. wakh nice post review my friends, semoga sukses terus.....

  5. rokok elektrik??
    pake apa ya bakarnya??
    pake atm kali

  6. Hello my friend Genial, thank you for your visit, Thursday of happiness and successes. Valter.

  7. Wah lama gak mampir nih sobat.. gimana khabar dollarnya.. pasti celengannya dah penuh nih..

  8. wah..serius tuh? kesetrum gak ya?


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