Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paul Gilbert - Legato Pentatonic

Paul Gilbert - Legato PentatonicAreas that can be explored further in the dynamics of discussion is how we make this concept of legato technique. There are many examples of players who are exceptional legato master for this kind of concept in the context of these dynamics, such as Paul Gilbert, Ritchie Kotzen, etc.

They have set the tone in such a way that the sound level of the dynamics of their type of picking is higher one level with the ability of the sound of hammer-ons and pull-offs it.

If you try figure it out, the result will indeed vary influenced by how large the gain and overdrive that you use, and the level of the most difficult is to do it flat on a clean mode setting..

Hire Me?!

Probably most of us are not going to play legato technique exclusively, but with this mastery of technique will be very useful to add variety in our game, and add effects that flow every notation in our solo track.. For a more extreme level, please check virtuoso legato: Paul Gilbert in a legato approach that I brought to you all here. If we listen to his solo track, it is almost impossible to tell which notes that his pick, and which in the hammer: D

Transcribe every notes for video below..

--------------------- etc...


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