Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflecting the Brand

genial - Color your Life

A bright and cheerful environment is almost always reflected in the marketing of its products.

Another key factor in brand presentation is the look of the corporate workflow. The only constant in today's workplace is change, so office, negihbor, workflow, you name it, needs to be not only black and white, not only practical and even comfortable, but also adaptable.

Image stocks needed : Your own cartoon caracter.


  1. Hidup adalah Warna. Tanpa warna hidup terasa Ambar...

    Nice Infor, hrus bnyak bljar lagi tentang Desain nh...

  2. Blog nya bagus, info nya lengkap, terimakasih buat pencerahannya...saya lagi kepengen belajar design nih Mas.

    Salam Sahabat

  3. mmpir bos, tambah keren ajah nh blog...tambh informatif.

  4. wow is greats reflection...my friends

  5. the colour of product

    really important for marketing branding


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