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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Indestructible Materials

I remembered this story last year about the accident frighteningly happened to my brother when he was skiing and was falling on ground with bruises and cuts.. What if this happen to you, to us, to anyone we loved? Guys, since we ain't a great superhero such as all caracters in Marvel Comics, so in this life, you have to protect your self carefully, in this case, you have to wear some sort of great protection along the arms and legs in case they hit the poles as they go past.

Then came this amazing D3O. Worry no more.. What the D3O is anyway? Well, (dee-three-oh) is a good mark of identification material made with intelligent outstanding molecules that flow with you as you move under all circumstances.

Watch out kids, this technology is pretty cool – flexible, soft specially engineered material that's directly react so that it turns into armor when it receives a sharp smell impact and others. The result is trully an extraordinary dream comes true ^_^... We can all become superheroes
of our own era then with this such things :p We're totally invulnerable, immune, etc etc etc. claimed and proved that D3O has the ability to protect us from unbearable heat and painful on hi-speed crushed, hard and dynamical collisions. Sounds pretty cool to me :)

As a global leader in designing systems, its self is continually researching, developing and designing its products that respond to today's workplace needs. With thing like this already available, and... Batman material, I think we’re only one funny guy (Inspector Gadget combined with Opsir Sledge Hammer with his magnum) away from our first actual superhero, right?!?!? For more details on the company's range of products and systems, jump directly to


makin banyak aja nih $$$ nya...
sukses ya.

mmm tampilan baru ya? sip deh...

Great Reveiw.. Tampilan baru Oke Sobat, di tunggu kedatangan sobat dtmpat saya..

review lagi nih hehe good good, wah sekarang bajunya hitam ya? cool

nice review bro,u have talent with that :)

Sekedar mampir di sore hari bang......

wah mantap ne job na, aku ga dapet2 heheh

salam kenal sobat
saya tunggu kunjungan baliknya

walaupun belum tahu artinya..hehe..

salam hangat buat semua yang mampir di halaman ini :)

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