Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Environmentally Friendly Electric Motorcycle for the New Energy Economy

I do travel this time in order to vacation, and stopped in Japan to meet Indonesian fellow of Chemical site manager. The plane of Japan Airlines has landed at the afternoon, from the plane window I could observe the capital skyline in the area around the airport.

Here's in Jakarta. But not so many different from our country, there's this big city. Say it New York. This world huge metropolis I believe produce the same air pollution may be even more from Jakarta. There are so many other efforts have been made to reduce air pollution in The US. Among them is the ban on smoking in public places such as restaurants, pubs, office buildings, hotels, etc. What's the clue I wanna speak up anyway? Here is this... Wherever you are on earth, whatever the geographic location said through the seasons, the smoke was floating and pollution continue to pile up in the air not far from the ground. That is exactly the view I saw from the plane when going to land.

To control this, on June 2009, The motorcycle industry Craig Bramscher Brammo has finally produced the environmentally friendly version of the electric car. It is an electric motor with no fuel-free path in a public place with a vehicle registration and license plates. Another advantage of this motor is no gasoline, because it uses electric energy. Therefore, the public interest to use this bike is big enough for more economical and popular pollution-free guaranteed.

Electric motorcycle main component batteries, dynamos and controller. Battery re-charge using the automated system and can use dry batteries without treatment. This motor is suitable for activities such as go to school and take the children to go to the office with the distances of over 45 miles. So... Go check the video out at for further details.


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