Saturday, July 02, 2011

Te Rojo Para Adelgazar - Te Pu-Erh

Red Tea is a beverage popular in South Africa and Spain, so you can call it Te Pu-Erh: Te Rojo Para Adelgazar. It is oxidized and dried leaves of plant Aspalathus linearis. Technically, red tea is not tea, Camellia sinensis leaves are not, tea bushes. Many South African companies exports red tea, it has become popular in other parts of the world, a tearoom and restaurant, this is a shared sacrifice, and it can not be found in many markets.

This drink is also sometimes called rooibos, check out the mother plant. Africa, South African Dutch hybrid, 'Rooibos'  meaning 'red bush'. Native Africans have used tea leaves in the mountains for centuries when European explorers entered the red tea, they get a taste. The common name, red tea while technically correct, it has become so common is generally considered acceptable, except for fans all over the road.

South African Rooibos plant only grows in a small area. In summer the leaves are gathered, easy bruising, and allowed to oxidize, which will turn red. After a period of oxidation, tea, dried and packaged for sale. Rooibos is also possible to find a green, fresh leaves will dry quickly without any oxidation. South African red tea to drink and is very popular.


  1. Can you get it in the USA ? Or is there like a website

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